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Welcome to  Together we're helping our tribe take control of our health and get in the best shape of our lives through fitness, improved nutrition and a deeper community connection!
Chicken Shish Kebab


We work together to optimize your health through the food you use to nourish your body.  I believe that food is the world's greatest preventative medicine.   Quality nutrients, vitamins and minerals are the path forward and I'm excited to use this knowledge to throw rocket fuel on your progress.  With natural nutrition strategies you'll be encouraged to eat whole foods and find the most energy you've ever known in your life. 


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Optimized life isn't about one single aspect of fitness.  Strength isn't much good if you can't run across the street.  Endurance isn't much good if you can't scratch your back. Mobility isn't much good if you can't pick up a load of wet laundry and carry it to the clothesline.  I like to make sure everyone is "moving in diverse and interesting ways"  I focus on making sure everyone is strong, mobile, durable, and has endurance for life.  We work hard to improve in multiple directions simultaneously, while having a terrific time and building an amazing community of friends and training partners.

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